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Friday, 25 March 2016

Day 85 - What a mess!!

Evening!! Well, I had a chance to play with my Pebeo Prisme and Moon paints today. And all I can say is - what a mess!! 

I decided this morning, that the gold texture paste probably wasn't the best idea, so I painted over it all with Pebeo Black Gesso.
I then got my little pots (and they are little as I bought the discovery sets of both). The thing with these paints are that they are solvent based. And the stuff in them separates. You have to mix them up with a stick or similar.
So, with my paints prepared - and the solvent fumes beginning to waft, I started trying to apply them. They are meant to be dropped onto the surface, rather than painted, and so I decided to just use the end of the stick. Bad idea. Absolutely no control over this - it just dripped off the end into places I didn't want it to be. 
And then I would drop it onto another colour - and it would overflow the edges. It's all ended up a bit of a mess. I'm going to try to save it by tidying up with a bit of black Gesso. But I can't do that yet as they take hours (and hours) to dry. I may even resort to cutting out the individual jigsaw pieces.

As for the special effects, you need to have quite a thick layer of the Prisme to get the honeycomb effect that it is designed to create. You can just see it on the gold on the right, and the Eggshell on the bottom left corner. 

I have to admit that I am still not convinced about these paints. I don't like the fumes (and you need to clean up with white spirit which just adds to it), and I need to find a more controlled way to apply it (maybe pipettes). And I need to decide the best thing to use it on.  

This one is definately to be continued. 

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