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I'm a retired primary school teacher, who started paper crafting in 2008, when I had a fancy to make my own Christmas cards. Since then, I have tried all sorts of techniques and styles - and I kind of like them all. I have been lucky enough to be on blog teams and large design teams and to do a bit of freelance demonstrating - and I love the challenge of working with different products. My crafting style is very varied - from junk journaling and art journaling, bookbinding and journal making, to quilting and patchwork - and of course I still make cards. This variety keeps me interested - and my crafty stash growing!! I'm always seeking inspiration for new projects.

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Will be glad when it's Christmas!!

I am kn*****d. Why do I have these bright ideas?? Having worked all weekend, I spend my two days off making commisions (OK - fine - guaranteed income) and then creating new stuff for the Christmas Fair on the 11th.

80 Christmas Gift Tags later (which have actually turned out much better than I thought they might - and therefore am in a dilemma over how much to charge for them), I have made a start on the bookmarks. These may be quicker to make than I thought. They take the paint really well - and then it's just a case of stamping something creative, and a bit of ink. Oh, and the ribbon - think I'll do that to the lot at the end.

What with the grungeboard being made of recyled paper, and the acrylic paint being "eco-green" (yes that's actually the name - they are produced in a very environmentally friendly way - and also not toxic to the user in any way) -these bookmarks are turning out to be a very environmentally friendly product.

Will have to work on them in the evenings. Still have the fridge magnets to do - but am waiting on some gilding flakes for them - to add a bit of glitz!! And if I get all that done, the paper is cut for some notebooks. Phew.

After the 11th, I'm going to have a break until the New Year. Think the other half will be glad too - I've somewhat taken over the lounge at the moment. There's hardly a spare surface anywhere. The only bonus from his point of view is that there is nowhere for me to put the Christmas tree up!! Mmmm - will have to work on that one. Can't be in December with no Christmas tree up!!!

Here's a peek at couple of the Christmas Tags:


Tuesday 23 November 2010

.... and finally it's done!!

OK, so after the last post, I decided to go back into the website and perservere with getting the cards on the website. And, by doing one at a time, I have managed to get the rest on.

So, for the time being, the website is complete!! Yay!!

So, if you're looking for a special Christmas Card - go on over to the website and have a look.

Speak soon


A Partial Success!!

I have managed to get quite a few Christmas cards onto the website. It has been a battle - but I suppose some is better than none.

The answer to my problem, apparently, is to use Firefox, instead of Internet Explorer. That would solve the problems I've been having. But I really can't imagine using anything other than Internet Explorer, and so I will have to battle on and add the remaining 15 or so when the site is being more co-operative.

Have had a busy couple of days off of work. I've ordered a tablecloth, and managed to get a table runner that was reduced coz it wasn't in its original packaging. I've made a start on the biggest of the commissions, and have plans for a couple of others - should be able to get those done soonish. And have ordered some stuff for another. I'm going to have to watch the spending, as I'm already making good headway through what I put into the account. That said, the money has been going on the table etc, and on a load of new stock for cards to make in the New Year - so they haven't been totally frivolous purchases.

I've also made good headway into my Christmas shopping - mostly on-line. The couple of times I ventured into the shops, it's been hell on wheels!! And it's only November!! As much as I looooovvveeee Christmas, I do struggle with the pushing, shoving and queueing that goes on in shops during the festive season!!

It's back to work tomorrow!! So probably won't get much of anything done for a few days.

Speak soon


Monday 22 November 2010

Easier than easy MY EYE!!!!!

So, if anyone's been onto the website looking for Christmas cards, you probably noticed that they are not there!! It's not for lack of trying believe me - and all I can do is apologise - and post a few more taster piccies!!

My lovely website host claims their software is Easier than Easy!! I think I'd term it Slower than Slow or Cr****r than Cr*p. It's become a daily battle to get the Christmas cards on - I still have 40 odd to go, and with the site freezing every 2 or 3 cards - sometimes crashing and losing the stuff I've just tried to input - I am not a happy bunny!! Grrrr!!!

I have now e-mailed the support desk, and hopefully will have a solution to what going on tomorrow. Then I can get on and get the cards on the website this side of Christmas!!!!!

On a more positive note, I have a table booked at Putlake Farm Christmas Fayre (Langton Matravers) on Saturday 11th December - runs from 4pm to 7pm I think - no idea if there is an admission charge - but I know my table fee is going to charity!! Apparently there were 3000 people through the "door" last year!!

In anticipation that, whilst people will pick up the odd card or two at this type of thing, they may well be looking more for gift ideas - so have plans to make some bookmarks, fridge magnets - and maybe even some notepads. Just depends how much time I have. Meant to start the bookmarks today - but spend it battling with the website.

Since I have had a reasonable amount of sales recently (and I have another 5 commissions waiting to be completed), I have invested in a proper table for when I go to crafting events. It's 6ft in length (generally the maximum table length you're allowed at these kind of things - and the average size of your common or garden trestle table), has very sturdy legs witha wipeable, white plastic top. And best of all, as well as the legs folding down, it's foldable in the middle so will fit in my little car. Now, I'm sure many of you out there will think this deathly dull that I am talking about a table - but I am chuffed to pieces with it. Feels like I'm taking the business thing a bit more seriously.

I now need to invest in a decent table covering. I'm thinking a white tablecloth type covering, with a green and/or beige runner down the middle to go with my logo. May need to get the sewing machine out, as it might be cheaper to buy the material and hem it myself. Mmmm - yet another project.

To go with all this, I've been investing in a few other bits and pieces. Alongside the postcards I had printed recently, and the business cards with the new website address on, I have bought a small banner - to put on the wall behind the stall (if there is one), and a couple of more frivolous things - a mug and a keyring - both with my logo on!!
Am now trying to work out how to make best use of the table space. I rescued a leaflet display rack that was going to be thrown out at work a while back, and with the help of my lovely hubby, this is going to be transformed to sit on the floor at the front of the table. I will then have to play around with the stock I've got and see what I can put where. At the moment my lounge has been taken over with the table, all my boxes of stock and the many display racks, baskets, trays and boxes I have acquired.
Hopefully next time I post, it will be to say that the Christmas cards are online!!!! (Just don't hold your breath!!)
Till I post again,

Sunday 14 November 2010

Website in need of friends!!!

Well, after all the fuss and faff of getting the website up and running, the total orders so far amount to a big fat zero. Mainly because I totally omitted to think about advertising the site. Doh!!! Apart from my die-hard blog friends - and others who don't follow the blog, but know about my venture - no-one out there in the big wide, world (UK orders only please!!!) knows about the site - so it's sitting out there in cyberspace feeling very unloved!!

So, after a fairly successful couple of weeks financially, with a few commissions, and a great card party, I had to bite the bullet with the "no pain - no gain" approach.

So in that vein, I have spent my afternoon at a Children in Need event, where I didn't even cover my table cost, (but hey, it's all in a good cause for dear old Pudsey), BUT the big bonus with this event was that they were giving out carrier bags with stuff in, and for a little extra money, I've got my "postcard" into approx 60 odd bags to be taken home. If only a couple of them take any notice, it'll be worth it. I now need to think of other ways to get the message out there too!!

For this event, I was asked to concentrate mainly on bags and boxes, as they already had a card stall, so here's a few of the new boxes that I've made. I'm not selling boxes over the internet at the moment, but let me know if you're at all interested.

Now that's all over, tomorrow afternoon will be spent updating the site - removing any cards that have been bought - and adding on the Christmas cards. There are plenty left, so if you are still looking for that special card, visit the website (probably best to leave it until Tuesday), and hopefully you'll find what you're looking for.

Here's a few of the (very) many Christmas cards I've made:

Until I blog again....