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I'm a part-time primary school teacher, who started papercrafting 8 years ago, when I had a fancy to make my own Christmas cards. Since then, I have tried all sorts of techniques and styles - and I kind of like them all. So my work is very varied, which keeps me interested - and my crafty stash growing!! As well as cards, I love working with boxes and canvases - and I'm always seeking inspiration for new projects.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Day 23 - A bit of cross-stitch

Evening!! I have had a fairly interesting day, starting off with the strangest parkrun I've ever done. It was with a small group of other ladies (and one lad) and we conga'd our way around the course. One of the lovely ladies will be 40 soon - and last year she set 40 challenges to do before her 40th birthday - this was one of them!!
After that, I did a little card making before crashing out on the bed watching Create and Craft. The Crewel show was on, and it reminded me that I had bought a VERY basic cross-stitch last September to take with me on our camping holiday. I did make a start on it - but didn't get very far at all!! 
The kit is made by Dimension - and is one of those very simple "Learn a Craft" type things. I picked it up in Hobbycraft. I haven't cross-stitched in years, and only then on the Binca type material. So this was totally new to me. I love the design, and I will persevere and get it finished. 

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