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I'm a part-time primary school teacher, who started papercrafting 8 years ago, when I had a fancy to make my own Christmas cards. Since then, I have tried all sorts of techniques and styles - and I kind of like them all. So my work is very varied, which keeps me interested - and my crafty stash growing!! As well as cards, I love working with boxes and canvases - and I'm always seeking inspiration for new projects.

Monday, 30 March 2015


This week my nieces and I are on school holidays. My sister isn't - so I offered to have them with me today!! There was an ulterior motive. After my Dad passed away at the beginning of February, we have all collected a few(!!) item that we wanted to keep to remember him by. I offered to help the girls create memory boxes to put them in. So - that's what we spent today doing!!
We started the morning with these basic boxes, and our first job was a trip to the shop to buy tester pots of paint with which to cover them!!
This was by far the messiest part - hence the painting aprons - although one of the paint lids did managed to fall onto the carpet!! 
We used Ruby and Hazel letter masks - this concept confused them a bit to start with, so I had to demonstrate on mine before they decided quite how they wanted to do it!! They have both put Bob on theirs - this is what they always called him. It's a long story - but has everything to do with Bob the Builder!!
They then rummaged through my vast collection of dies to see what they might like to use - along with choosing the colours of card they wanted to use!
They brought their shared Cuttlebug with them - and I have one too - so they they settled down to cut out their shapes. 
They also had a look through all the photos we could find, and chose which ones they wanted to use for their boxes. Dad was a great AFC Bournemouth fan - so both used a photo of him in his football shirt, along with the logo.

This is Emma's finished box:

And this is Lauren's:

We had a fantastic day getting messy - and a lovely time spent chatting and laughing - and watching Despicable Me 2!! 

Dad would be very proud of them both - I know I am!!


  1. Aww what a lovely thing to do Carole! You must be very proud! The girls did a fantastic job xxx

  2. the memory boxes look fabulous - and what a lovely, personal way to keep their 'memories'!
    Kim x


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