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I'm a part-time primary school teacher, who started papercrafting 8 years ago, when I had a fancy to make my own Christmas cards. Since then, I have tried all sorts of techniques and styles - and I kind of like them all. So my work is very varied, which keeps me interested - and my crafty stash growing!! As well as cards, I love working with boxes and canvases - and I'm always seeking inspiration for new projects.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Day 37 - A Little More Storage!!

Evening. What horrible weather today - although I think we've got off lightly compared to some. Ventured into town this morning for a little shopping, and while my husband disappeared into Halfords, I went into The Works to see what crafting goodies that they had - you never know what little gems you may find in there.

And today, I was not disappointed. I found these little foldaway storage baskets - and they seemed perfect for me to use when I am sewing. 
The larger one was £4 - and is perfect for the fabric/wadding for my current projects along with the books that I am working from, and my small square quilting ruler. It sits comfortable at the side of my desk - just within reach. The little one (£2) fits on my desk, holding my fabric scissors - and the lace and binding I am currently using. I've since added a little stitch ripper into the empty pocket of the smaller one, and my quilting pencils in the pocket of the larger one to keep my rotary cutter company!!

All in all, a very good purchase. And they do them in a couple of other different designs too, if you don't like the neutral beige.

Back tomorrow,


  1. Wow the are perfect Carole a good find.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  2. Perfect for storing sewing supplies and such a great price. Creative Blessings, Tracy x


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