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I'm a part-time primary school teacher, who started papercrafting 8 years ago, when I had a fancy to make my own Christmas cards. Since then, I have tried all sorts of techniques and styles - and I kind of like them all. So my work is very varied, which keeps me interested - and my crafty stash growing!! As well as cards, I love working with boxes and canvases - and I'm always seeking inspiration for new projects.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

And now it begins.....

Despite a most unsatisfactory e-mail dialogue with the website help desk, I have now managed to activate my website.

Having e-mailed them that I had "misplaced" my activation code, they replied that they did not understand what I meant by "mis-spelling" my activation code. The temptation was there to tell him that he had "mis-read" my e-mail, but I refrained, and explained that I was unable to find the piece of paper with the code on it. Am still waiting on a reply from that.

It did however prompt a frenzy of turning my desk inside out to try to find the blessed thing. And, hey presto, there it was - between the drawer unit and the other half's desk!!!

So I now own the domain name www.papercraftbycarole.co.uk (Don't bother going there yet as there's nothing there).

I was all enthusiastic at this point and raring to go. That was nearly two hours ago. I've now given up, and all I've managed is to get a header sorted out. This could be a long process!!

Still, the sun's been shining and I've had a good week so far, otherwise, so I'll come back to it all when I have time to play.


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